Thursday, July 7, 2011

Backpack, Backpack!

So, this past weekend, I bought Hannah a new backpack for school that came with a lunchbox and of course, I had to go with one of Hannah's faves... Dora!  She loves everything about Dora, so I just new she would go crazy for this backpack.  Today was our first day to go to school since we got it, and she couldn't wait to put it on!  She's been going through this crazy separation anxiety thing when we drop her off lately, which is so wierd because she was never like that before!   But, today wasn't so bad because all of her school friends loved her backpack and I think she was excited to let them all see it.  Score one more point for Dora...

Enough with the pictures, Mom!!

 Let's go, vamanos!

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